Meditation can be done while driving and swinging on the hammock…

Meditation: Quite the mind and soul will speak.

Referring to the importance of Santmilan, Saint Kabir said, Putting aside all the lusts, loves and pride of the world, one should go for Santmilan, because taking one step at a time is like millions of sacrifices. Meditations and clamness.

The atmosphere of Yajna is very sacred. Sant Kabir speaks of the outstanding effect and fruit of each of our cloaks. Then he indirectly wants to say that the effect of Santmilan and Satsang is many times more. Sant Kabir says in another sakhi, `Sant Mile, Saheb Mile, the line of distance; Manasa Vacha Karmana Sadhu Saheb Ek. ‘ He says that meeting a saint is like meeting a sahib, that is, meeting God, because such a saint means a devotee and there is no difference between God and Tasubhar.

From mind, word and deed there is no distance between Sant and Saheb i.e. devotee and God. Saints are mostly in a meditative state. In this state he is constantly connected with the Lord. Then they assume all the qualities of God. Their level of inner purity and holiness is very high so union with them is considered as Prabhumilan. Due to such a satsang, even the impurities in us are naturally washed away. We are filled with holiness and purity. We have the characteristics of a pure Sattva Guru.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Mind means conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is activated when the conscious mind is in a state of thoughtlessness. The subconscious mind is the same soul. In this state the mind is forbidden, so it is located in the soul. Lusts are connected with the conscious mind. We become situated in a subconscious state and its continuity increases so that lusts are gradually eradicated.

Vivek Chudamani says in 277, The mind of a yogi is destroyed as the mind is always situated in his soul. It puts an end to lusts. That’s why get rid of your body language. We saw meditation while eating, drinking, etc. to weave meditation with daily activities. Now let’s look at meditation while walking and driving.

Meditation while walking

Walking is best for Health

Walk with great joy, love and peace. In a state of joy, love and peace you will become thoughtless. You can also feel the touch of walking shoes and a walking stick or anything else in your hand. Consciousness froze in the eyebrows for the experience of touch and will witness the sensation of touch and your walking action. You will witness the presence of surrounding trees, people and vehicles. The mind can only do single thing at a time. If the mind is engaged in the feeling of touch, you will become thoughtless. Become self-reliant. This is the state of meditation. So they will have special pleasure in seeing trees, vehicles and individuals.

Meditation at Driving Car

Driving with Meditation Relax your Mind.

While driving, the back and buttocks of our body are touched with the seat, the palms of the hands with the steering wheel and the soles of the feet with the soles of the vehicles, or with the accelerator. So the mind is focused on this touch. Touching the paw with the steering is especially important. The same is true for two-wheelers, including bicycles. Consciously feeling the touch will cause the emptiness of the mind to settle in the frown and then merge with the cosmic consciousness.

Meditation while Swinging on a swing

Swing with Meditation.

When sitting on a swing in moments of relaxation, the part from the back to the middle of the legs touches the seat. Swinging makes these touches feel more profound so the mind calms down.We become thoughtless. This is the state of meditation. The more the touch in the net swings and the more relaxed the body becomes, the faster the mind calms down. So we come to a state of thoughtlessness. This is the state of meditation.

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Written by Richa Panchal

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