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Concentration: The Genuine Powers of your Mind are at the Bottom of your Mind…

Concentration is fine antidote to anxiety.

The power to concentrate is in everyone. However, we all have one common complaint: the mind does not stick, the mind wanders, I sit down with one work and the mind goes to another, the mind is not engaged in any work. Lack of concentration leads to such complaints. Getting nowhere when the horses of ideas are running in multiple directions simultaneously. Not only that, we can’t stand still where we are. Because of this, life is scattered.

The power of concentration is the most important thing. Living without this power would be like opening one’s eyes without seeing nothing.

The mind does not seem to be concentrating the most fatigue. The concentrated mind is calm, uninterrupted. Creativity, the creativity of any field or business or subject, can only flourish in a calm mind. Neither peace nor concentration is possible in an agitated or embarrassed mind…. Have you ever seen a lion or a tiger hunting? Focusing momentarily before crashing on the prey, he focuses all his attention on a single target. Then all the energy of the body is used to strike the prey. That is why hunting is a livelihood, not a hobby. Is a means of filling the pit of the stomach. If there is a lack of concentration, the prey will not come in handy, the lion will go hungry.

We are pushed back in life when we concentrate on pursuing our hobbies instead of concentrating on earning a living. Our sauna has the power to focus on a single point, but most people do not have that power. Some do not have the knowledge about the need to cultivate, while some cannot cultivate despite their best efforts, because their efforts are in the wrong direction or incomplete. 

How to cultivate this Concentration. Patiently read and understand the next thing until the end.

The mind is often compared to a lake. Only if the surface is stable with a lake-like mind can one know what is at the bottom. The true power of the mind lies at the bottom of the mind, in its depths. We constantly throw pebbles in the water above it so vortices and waves are created. Surface water never freezes. The immense powers of the mind remain invisible.

The first and foremost, most important condition for concentration is to give up the habit of gravelling all the time with the mind. People get disturbed by totally small things. Things that are of little importance to the larger goals in life are licensed to disturb the mind.

Concentrate your Mind.

Look, there’s one thing. The ideal atmosphere is not to be found anywhere in the world. If we leave home and go to the Himalayas, we will not get the environment we want. So instead of going there and making compromises, why not make compromises at home? You have five hundred pebbles in your hand, from the noise of the music system on the side to the raw papad from the edge while eating. Your wisdom is to throw those pebbles into the sea but not into the lake of your mind.

Irritated by the air or provoked by everything, the water of the lake becomes turbulent. There is no other absurd saying like whose tea spoiled his morning spoiled and whose lentils spoiled his roast spoiled his pickle spoiled his spoiled year. Whatever goals you want to achieve in life, How can trivial things like tea or lentils or pickles ruin your precious morning or your rare day or your precious year to get what you want to achieve? There is no possibility of concentration as long as the mind is aroused by trivial things. Only after concentration is cultivated does one get the benefit of one’s full mental strength.

We have not yet thought seriously about the value of concentration. Instead of thinking about its necessities and uses in everyday life, it is associated with a distant spirituality. Assuming this art is not so hard. The art of concentration is not something that only yogis or sages can do. 

After catching the Borivali local from fifteen boxes, it is possible for anyone from a man to come from work in the evening to concentrate on a three-fingered tight peg to the busy and anxious common man. Just keep one thing in mind – quit the habit of gravelling with the mind.

What do you think?

Written by Richa Panchal

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