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How does belly fat reduce? Causes and Ways to lose belly fat

Due to aging

by aging belly fat will also increase

As your age increases, the production of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) hormone in the body starts to decrease, so your stomach fatness increases. Apart from this, with the increase in age, your metabolism rate also starts decreasing, which is the main reason for increasing belly fat.

Eating wrong things

If you are taking meats and dairy products in very high amounts, then this increases the amount of saturated fat in the body, which increases the fatness of the stomach.

Lack of sleep

If you are not able to sleep well, then it can increase your belly fat. According to a research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, you gain about 300 calories more by not sleeping well.

Sitting all day

sitting all the day will not reduce belly fat

If you sit in the same place throughout the day in the office or at home, it can also increase abdominal obesity. So wherever you are, wake up after a while and take a stroll.

Body shape

If the shape of your body is like an apple, then in comparison to your thighs and hips, the weight of the belly part increases more. There are genetic reasons behind this and such people have to face a lot of difficulties to reduce such belly fat.

belly fat causes disease 

Any type of fat, though they are dangerous, the most dangerous is the fat stored on the stomach, because here we have liver and when fat starts accumulating near the liver, then the birth of type to diabetes It happens. You must have seen more people who are obese become type to diabetes.

The second major disease that occurs is heart disease. You get heart disease starting due to fat. People who have heart attacks have been seen that those people are also more fat. So these belly fats are dangerous, so how to find out if your belly fat is dangerous or not?

In men, if the circumference of your stomach is more than 40, then you have fat on your stomach and they are dangerous. In women whose stomach is more than 35, then you also understand that you are belly fat and you have to reduce it. How to do it if you want to reduce it?

When you gain weight, you go to a doctor or a dietician, they make a diet plan and give it to you. For which they take thousands of rupees from you. But any Dr. or dietitian makes a plan keeping in mind the principles, today I am going to tell you the same principle through which you can make your own diet plan by sitting at home.

Now after knowing the reasons, I would like to tell you its solutions. So, I will tell you some tips. It will be beneficial for your health. And you do not have to follow any special diet to take these measures.

What do you think?

Written by Shraddha Diwan

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